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Bindings to HarfBuzz font shaping and manipulation library

[Raku HarfBuzz Project] / [HarfBuzz Module] / HarfBuzz :: Buffer

class HarfBuzz::Buffer

HarfBuzz Text Buffer


use HarfBuzz::Buffer;
use HarfBuzz::Font;
my HarfBuzz::Buffer $buf .= new: :text("Hello"), :lang<en>;
say $font.shaped; # False
my HarfBuzz::Font $font .= new: :file<t/fonts/NimbusRoman-Regular.otf>;
$font.shape: :$buf;
say $font.shaped; # True


A HarfBuzz::Buffer contains text and other shaping context properties, include language, script and writing direction.

It is normally shaped by calling the shape method from a font.

method language

method language() returns Str

get or set the language.

method length

method length() returns UInt

get the length of the buffer

script must be a string containing a valid ISO-15924 script code. For example, “Latn” for the Latin (Western European) script, or “Arab” for arabic script.

method direction

method direction() returns Mu

Get or set the text direction

use HarfBuzz::Raw::Defs :hb-direction;
$buf.direction = HB_DIRECTION_RTL; # right-to-left

Direction should be HB_DIRECTION_LTR (left-to-right), HB_DIRECTION_RTL (right-to-left), HB_DIRECTION_TTB (top-to-bottom), or HB_DIRECTION_BTT (bottom-to-top).

method text

method text() returns Mu

Get or set the text to shape

method shaped

method shaped() returns Bool

Check if the buffer has been shaped.

A buffer is shaped by calling the shape() method from a HarfBuzz::Font object.

Note that a buffer needs to be reshaped after updating its properties, including text, language, script or direction.

See also HarfBuzz::Shaper, which manages a font/buffer pairing for you.

method is-horizontal

method is-horizontal() returns Bool

True if the writing direction is left-to-right or right-to-left

method is-vertical

method is-vertical() returns Bool

True if the writing direction is top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top

method reset

method reset() returns Mu

reset the buffer, ready for shaping

method text-advance

method text-advance() returns List

Return the unscaled x and y displacement of the shaped text