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Bindings to HarfBuzz font shaping and manipulation library

[Raku HarfBuzz Project] / [HarfBuzz Module] / HarfBuzz :: Font

class HarfBuzz::Font

HarfBuzz font data-type


use HarfBuzz::Font;
my HarfBuzz::Font() .= %( :$file, :@features, :$size, :@scale );


A HarfBuzz font is used for shaping text (See class HarfBuzz::Shaper).

Fonts may also be subsetted (Reduced to a smaller set of glyphs; see module HarfBuzz::Subset).


method scale

method scale() returns List

Gets or sets x and y scale

method size

method size() returns Numeric

Gets or sets the font size

method add-features

method add-features(
    HarfBuzz::Feature(Any) @features
) returns Array[HarfBuzz::Feature]

Add font features

method glyph-name

method glyph-name(
    Int:D $gid where { ... }
) returns Str

Returns the glyph name for a glyph identifier

method glyph-from-name

method glyph-from-name(
    Str:D $name
) returns UInt

Returns the glyph identifier for a given glyph name

method glyph-extents

method glyph-extents(
    Int:D $gid where { ... }
) returns HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_glyph_extents

Returns metrics for a glyph

Note that hb_glyph_extents is a CStruct with Num attributes x-advance, y-advance, x-offset and y-offset.

method shape

method shape(
    HarfBuzz::Buffer:D :$buf!
) returns Mu

Shape a buffer using this font