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Bindings to HarfBuzz font shaping and manipulation library

[Raku HarfBuzz Project] / [HarfBuzz Module] / HarfBuzz :: Shaper

class HarfBuzz::Shaper

HarfBuzz shaping object

method font

method font() returns HarfBuzz::Font

Gets or sets the font

method buf

method buf() returns HarfBuzz::Buffer

Gets or sets the shaping buffer

method shape

method shape() returns Iterator

Returns a set of shaped HarfBuzz::Glyph objects

method text-advance

method text-advance() returns List

Returns scaled X and Y displacement of the shaped text

method ast

method ast() returns List

Returns a Hash sequence of scaled glyphs

Entries are:

method version

method version() returns Version

Returns the version of the nativeHarfBuzz library


method size(--> Num) is rw;

Get or set the font size used for shaping.

Note that the font size will in general affect details of the appearance, A 5 point fontsize magnified 10 times is not identical to 50 point font size.


method text(--> Str) is rw;

Gets or sets the text to shape.


method features(--> HarfBuzz::Feature() @)

Get shaping features.


method add-features(HarfBuzz::Feature() @features)

Add specified features are added to the set of persistent features. Features may be added as HarfBuzz::Feature objects, or coerced from strings as described in and


method language returns Str is rw

Gets or sets the language for shaping. The language must be a string containing a valid BCP-47 language code.


method script returns Str is rw

Gets or sets the script (alphabet) for shaping.

script must be a string containing a valid ISO-15924 script code. For example, “Latn” for the Latin (Western European) script, or “Arab” for arabic script.


use HarfBuzz::Raw::Defs :hb-direction;
method direction returns UInt is rw;

Gets or sets the direction for shaping: HB_DIRECTION_LTR (left-to-right), HB_DIRECTION_RTL (right-to-left), HB_DIRECTION_TTB (top-to-bottom), or HB_DIRECTION_BTT (bottom-to-top).

If you don’t set a direction, HarfBuzz::Shaper will make a guess based on the text string. This may or may not yield desired results.