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Bindings to HarfBuzz font shaping and manipulation library

[Raku HarfBuzz Project] / [HarfBuzz Module] / HarfBuzz :: Raw

module HarfBuzz::Raw

Native HarfBuzz bindings

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_glyph_position

A relative glyph position

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_glyph_positions

A contiguous array of glyph positions

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_glyph_info

Additional glyph information

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_glyph_infos

A contiguous array of glyph information

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_glyph_extents

Unscaled glyph metrics

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_blob

Storage for a HarfBuzz buffer

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_language

HarfBuzz language representation

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_buffer

A HarfBuzz buffer

This holds text or glyph transforms, plus context, inlcuding language, script and direction.

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_set

HarfBuzz generalized set representation

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_feature

HarfBuzz representation of a font feature

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_features

A contiguous arry of font features

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_face

A context free representation of a HarfBuzz font face

class HarfBuzz::Raw::hb_font

A contextual representation of a HarfBuzz font

include font-face, size and scale. A Font can be haped against a buffer.